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What is the typical turn-around time for a wedding package?

Our turn-around time for weddings films is 6-8 weeks.

Do we get to pick our wedding song?

In most cases, we license a track based on what we feel will compliment your wedding film the best. However, if you have a song in mind, then please let us know before your wedding day and we will check if we can licence it for you.

Can we have a meeting with MAx to discuss our wedding prior to booking?

I’d be insulted if you didn’t.

Will max be at our wedding, or someone else?

Yes. We typically only book about 20 weddings a year, and Max does his best to ensure he is leading every wedding and connecting with the couple personally. If he is unable to attend for a personal reason, he will make sure his best people are there to make sure everything goes flawlessly.

Can I upgrade my package after I have purchased, prior to the wedding date?

Yes. Just reach out to us and we can modify your package to fit your needs. Any additional cost will be adjusted and applied to your deposit and remaining payments.

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Do we need to feed you?

Yes, please! We will be on our feet all day and need our creative juices to keep on flowing! Your venue will offer vendor meals. All we ask is that you let your coordinator know that we need to eat at the same time as the bridal party and guests as we need to be available to continue shooting.