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Our love for creating wedding films began in 2019 when we decided to combine our passion for filmmaking with our enthusiasm for love stories. And from this blossomed a breathtaking adventure of the early morning jitters, hearts filled with butterflies, and dancing the night away. We are thankful enough to do what we love for a living.

We're a team of passionate filmmakers who also run a production company (MBV Productions). You may even recognise Max from your TV screens (Tom Baker in Sex Education on Netflix or as Logan in the movie The Pebble and the Boy).

Our approach is simple: we believe in quality over quantity. Your Echo Wedding Film will pack a punch of genuine love and heartfelt emotion that will leave you wanting to watch it over and over and over again. While you may only watch an hour-long wedding film a couple of times, we guarantee you'll watch your Echo Wedding Film with every spare moment you have!

We’ve customised our services to be tailored to each individual couple. Since no two weddings are alike, you deserve a completely unique experience – even if that means redefining wedding films all together.

You are visiting us today because you know you deserve a wonderful experience. Let us show you that you’re not just getting a wedding film – you’re getting a lifetime of memories.

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